kenny and jessica ehresman

Hello and We Are The Ehresman’s, and This Is Who We Truly Are.

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Who Is Kenny?

My name is Kenny Ehresman and I am an IT director for Advanced Technology Recycling. I have always been into IT and electronics but my real passion is cars.

When Kenny was 10 years old, his dad bought a go-kart. Kenny would work on the go-kart and just goof around on it. In time this lead to bigger toys such as cars, trucks, motorcycles; really anything with wheels and a motor. In 2014 Kenny met his wife Jessica. Kenny and Jessica have a beautiful blended family consisting of 5 wonderful children and two huskies. Like most families, they live very busy lives and electronics tends to consume a lot of down time for their children. As time has passed, Kenny and Jessica have come up with solutions to help divert their kid’s time.

Kenny started to detail cars and teaching the kids the value of working and saving. Kenny & Jessica then started making videos on YouTube. Once they saved a little and got to a comfortable point they went down the trail of overlanding. Kenny failed many times over the years, and after not getting the results he was looking for, Kenny pulled back from their YouTube channel and was all over the place with buying and trading multiple cars. That was not what interested Kenny anymore.

After the pandemic hit

After the pandemic hit it got worse and Kenny just didn’t want to do anything. So after some time and thought Kenny pushed himself back into making videos and towards the end of 2020 had tried the cars again and still no excitement.

So in 2021 Kenny received a 2021 Bronco Sport as a gift. After he started getting it ready for overlanding, that passion and fire re-lite and he was back on track. Even though their kids still didn’t want nothing to do with the outdoors. Kenny & Jessica still push them and take them places to show them the world and educate them on the history of the country they live in. A a lot had changed as Kenny and Jessica made changed here and there to work towards their long term goal.

Since the move to Florida in 2022, JK Bronco will be expanding the adventures to boat adventures and even going and living full time in a 40 ft Class A Monaco RV. This Monaco RV will be one of the first to have Apple HomeKit integrated into the whole coach, so be sure to follow this portion of the channel if you are techy like Kenny! With all this in play be sure to subscribe, share and comment. We are always looking for feedback.

To come to end on who we truly are, we really appreciate all the support from all our fans and followers. 2023 is going to be a great year and will have it’s own set of challenges as JK moves into a RV and adapts to full time rv living.