More Square drop Off-Road Camper SEMA Build video.

Here we install a 3″ lift block kit from Advance Auto Parts. This is a multi part video series that can be found on our YouTube Channel and we really encourage people to subscribe. This kit was a great kit besides the massive u-bolts. After realizing the u-bolts wouldn’t work, off to the our local hardware store we went. Picked up some new zinc u-bolts to fit the trailer with nylon nuts and lock washers for extra precaution. Once installed the trailer sat great and was ready for the new wheels.


After looking at the axle we realized this needed to be upgraded. After doing research, Kenny ordered a new 3500# axle giving more weight capacity and 5 lugs for the new wheels and tires. Since Kenny needed to upgrade the hubs to adapt the 5 lug Bronco Sport wheels, why not upgrade the axle as well. This axle upgrade will be good for the trailer. Kenny will be traveling 3700+ miles on this adventure to Las Vegas Nevada. Kenny will need to make sure this trailer is in tip top shape to have zero issues. While out in Las Vegas for SEMA, Kenny plans to go to Mohave, Death Valley, The Grand Canyon, and some other places.

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