Have you ever wondered what it really entails to downsize everything in your life into the RV Lifestyle?

Today we talk about our new lifestyle change we are making for the better. This is just the beginning so buckle up and let’s get this started.

If you are joining us it’s because you are interested in either the overlanding or the RV life style we talk about on this page. Over the last few years we have been huge into overlanding and traveling and getting the Bronco Sport built up for extreme off-road.

Since we have learned this amazing lifestyle we have open up to living full time in a RV and taking advantage of traveling and reducing the amount of stuff we own and poses.

Well lets talk a little about this what it really entails to reduce down what you have spent years building up. We are downsizing from a 2,000+ sq ft home to a 300 sq ft Class A motor home. During this time of downsizing we have been up and down on what do you really keep and what do you just purge yourself from and get rid of. As most know photos and keep sake items will always be a huge thing to consider.

My wife and I have a lot of photos and keep sake items from the 5 kids we have in our blended family. At first we both thought this would be easy and had the mind set, lets do it!! Purge ourselves of a lot of this unnecessarily items and push ourselves to re-focus on what is really more important. Our goal in life is to live it to the fullest with reduces stress and more time with the each other and the kids.

So after careful consideration my wife and I went through some photos and got rid of most of the duplicates, and photos we find not really important to us to keep. Once we got done with the photos, we moved to the keep sake items like baby blankets, school projects, etc. Like come on how can you get rid of these items. This was really hard for us to even try and get rid of so for now we have made the commitment to take time over the next few months to go through these tots (total of 6 big tots) ad reduce these down to about half by throwing out what we don’t want or passing them down to the kids.

A little back story, we have a total of five kids. Two of the five are adult living on their own, one about to be an adult and two younger kids ranging from almost a 21 year old to a 12 year old. Now with the two older kids its easy to be able to pass along the items to them and let them decide what to do with the keep sake items. As far as the other three, we will have to keep and evaluate as they get older and make the decision on what to do with the keep sake items later on.

One of the main things that people do not talk about when going from the Sticks and Bricks life to the RV Lifestyle is the added stress you place on getting the house ready to sell, moved out of said house and starting your next chapter and the feeling of uncertainty at times.

It is hard to make this change as we did not know what we were going to expect. So far, my wife and I love this life change and look forward to all the possibilities it has to bring our family. We truly think the biggest challenge people will face is family heirloom items, keep sake items, or even how to re-train your brain to think differently when it comes to living the RV lifestyle.

What helped us as we work through some of these changes was to get a small storage unit. As we live this life we will keep visiting the storage unit to either reduce down the amount of items we will keep or pass them down to family members, or just keep it because we don’t know if this is something we want to do for the rest of our lives.

This is one of many blob we will be posting about our experiences. We plan on doing a video on YouTube about this to talk more about our journey and what we have learned and what you can do to prepare for this. Not every family will be the same and this could be something different for your family.

Be sure to follow our blog and our YouTube channel as we continue down this path and if it still is a life our family will enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/jkbroncoadventures, also help out the channel but liking and sharing the content as it does help with bringing you some of this information. You an also support us with the Swag we sell on the store https://www.jkbronco.com/swag.

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