Welcome to our adventure to Portsmouth Island which is located in the southern Outer Banks NC. 

It is a deserted island that is now a national park. Portsmouth Island became deserted in 1971 when the last male, Henry Piggott past away leading to the last two residents, Elma Dixon and Marian Babb, finally leaving.

Here is an article found on obx guides on the history of Portsmouth Island.

When we went to Portsmouth Island we saw ghost crabs, did some beach walking, came across some very cool shells and of course cooked some great food for our dinners.  Make sure to bring your sunscreen and plenty of water. 

While we were overlanding here, our 2021 Bronco Sport did great in the sand while driving.  After airing down our tires to about 20 psi to help with traction we were off and out exploring.  We used our OVS roof top tent as well as our MaxiTrax 8 foot awning.  We also used our recovery gear to help level our rig to give us the most comfort while sleeping in our roof top tent.  Make sure to checkout our YouTube channel for more tips and tricks to overlanding.

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