Check out the latest addition to the overlanding fleet. Which is better the Bronco Sport or the Jeep Trailhawk?

When Jeep released the Trailhawk it was the best package you could get in a SUV or Crossover. Then 2021 hit!! The release of the all new Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport line up changed off-roading and overlanding. With the new Bronco release, it gave Jeep a run for its money. Bronco came with a full independent suspension in stead of the traditional solid axles, G.O.A.T. mode which means Go Over Any Terrain, and depending on the package could have 3 modes to 7 modes. The Bronco Sport came in multiple modes. Base, Big Bend, OuterBanks, and Badlands.

Now as far as the Trailhawk, this came with all the modes the Badlands came with, including rock and mud mode. the difference is the Trailhawk is a true 4×4 and not a clutch based AWD like the Bronco Sport. This does not mean the AWD is bad, as most AWD systems it is more FWD (Front Wheel Drive) over RWD (Rear Wheel Drive). The Trailhawk has full Neutral disconnect for 4 down towing, where the Bronco Sport does not have this.

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