Kenny, Jess & the kids are at it again and lifted their 2021 Bronco Sport and lifted it 1.5″.

This 1.5′ kit is from HRG Engineering and has everything you will need to get it your Bronco Sport lifted. If you are interested in this kit you can go to their webpage and order from here. You can use discount code JKBRONCO20 to receive FREE SHIPPING!! HRG Engineering is located in North Carolina and is proud to make this kit in the USA. This kit is super simple to install and doesn’t take away from your ride quality.

Be sure to check out the video of Kenny, Jess and the kids getting this kit installed. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel here or hoover over the icon below in the video and be sure to turn on that notification bell to get up to date information. JK Bronco also has tons of swag to check out here. These purchased help “Fuel The Adventures” for this family of 7 to go out and bring this amazing content.

Lifted Bronco Sport 1.5″ with HRG Lift Kit

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