In this blog we talk about the 12v conversion of Starlink for our RV.

What do you do when you are on road for internet? Hot spots, free WIFI networks, or even Starlink?? Wait, what happens when you are off-grid or boon docking for extended periods of time? We all know that the Starlink router can pull a lot of power from the 110v AC system, and the hot spots from AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile can have limited spotty coverage. So why not convert this system to run on a 12v DC system and reduce the amount of power that is required to use.

During this episode what we didn’t talk about is how we cut the end off the Starlink adapter and added a RJ45 connector.

Starlink uses a propitiatory plug for the router and the mesh routers. In order to use “DISHY” with your own equipment you need to cut the end of the actual Starlink cable from “DISHY” or do what we did where we spent $25.00 on a adapter so we are not cutting the “DISHY” cable. Please see below the wiring differences. The top image will contain the standard Ethernet wiring, and the next image is the DISHY wiring.

RJ45 Pinout T568B

To the left you will see a standard Ethernet cable cat5e. Typically this can be found in your home routers when you buy them from Walmart or Bestbuy. These cables are also included with most home internet providers.

Ethernet adpater pinout

This is the wiring for the “DISHY” or Starlink Ethernet adapter to be able to use your own hardware.

In order to use your own hardware and reduce power down to a 12v system you will need this wiring. This is only one part of the conversion you will need to do. Once you have the Starlink cable or Ethernet adapter end cut and wired to match the above you will then need a 12volt to 48/56volt step up converter to be able to power dishy.

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