Make sure to follow our SEMA Adventure with our off-road trailer we are building to travel in. SEMA is “Specialty Equipment Market associate” – A love for cars, trucks SUV’s, motorcycles and more. Basically if it has a motor and wheels this is the kind of shows to find vendors and products for your ride. This year JK Bronco Adventures received a sponsorship and this sponsor is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and we will be heading to SEMA this year to meet and greet our fans and our sponsor. We want to thank them publicly once we finalize all the details.

During this SEMA adventure, influence Kenny Ehresman will be traveling from the Midwest to the West Coast. He will be documenting all the trip and posting along the way to keep all our fans up to date and bringing some live footage as he travels his way to the largest car event on the planet.

Check out our custom off-road trailer we are building for overlanding. This custom square drop trailer is more like a teardrop camper but modified to handle the off-road elements. This off-road trailer will have a sleeping area, showering capability, a gallery for cooking, and of coarse will go anywhere our 2021 Ford Bronco Sport will go.

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