Be sure to check out the video on YouTube where JK Bronco visits Merus Adventure Park for the E3 Overland Rally.

So what is E3?? The E3 Association is compiled of 4 divisions, Overlanding, Firearms, Off-Road and Camping.

E3 stands for Empower, Educate, and Entertain. E3 can help you with any or all of the 4 divisions if you are new and wanting to learn more o if you already have knowledge you can share on there pages to help other members with questions or concerns. You also are introduced to exclusive events and a members area and can be a great place to meet more like minded people that share the same passion you do. Your next adventure awaits below.

merus adventures park cliff

E3 Overland Rally Members at Palo Duro Canyon Texas

Merus Adventure Park is located south east of Amarillo Texas in Palo Duro Canyon. While at this park you can go on some epic 4×4 trails, overland or tent camp, take a hiking trip, mountain bike or just have a picnic. Surrounded by beautiful scenery on the rim of the canyon and even more down in the canyon. Your next adventure with.

Merus Adventure Park has something for everyone making it your key destination for adventure. Challenge your vehicle to some pretty epic trails starting from beginner to more advanced rock crawling trails. This park has 20 off-road vehicle trails totaling more then 35 miles combined and also has mountain bike trails as well as hiking trails.

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